Monday, 20 September 2010

we've had thefun and now for the games

I have opened a deviant art account aswell as finally getting the first shop up and running. We opened accounts with

We found this to be the quickest and simplest but that could be down to us as individuals rather than the sites themselves.

We have to photograph and upload and set up banking aswell as work out postage costs and packaging expenses. Both UK and worldwide.

I hope we haven't missed anything out but this is a bit like trying to regsister the blocks to the right place and we will learn when we start to peel back the paper to see what we have.

Here are some more pics of the prints as they are the shopping sites.

over and out for now.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

1st run done

finally printed the titles on the bottom of the first set of print I have ready for sale.
Wish me luck and here is a set of photos to show how each colour is individually printed.

The ink, the block and the press
The paper on the inked block.
Next I put two or more sheets of paper on the top to act as a form of blanket and also to stop the paper slipping. Then I roll the press over the top of the blocka nd back again.

And there we have it. For the posters it is repeat process and try not to miss the place the colour has to sit.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Pressing Issues

The blocks are cut, the ink is drying and the posters are now just about ready to put up on our new shopfront...Well, our etsy and our folksy...Maybe even an ebay??

So it looks like we're nearly ready for take off!!

We will be putting out a run of the LaikaDog rocket posters first. Hopefully closely followed by our Eagle of Freedom...

Here are a few of the other blocks that have been carved so far in this series of prints...

Off to ebay now to sort out an account...

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Setting up shop

Aswell as printing out some new woodcuts we have been thinking it would be great to make them available to the world. Therefore we have mostly been setting up shops like etsy

and Folksy,

Still waiting for the bank stuff to come through and so in the meantime we are getting more stock printed up. In keeping with the animals in tattoos we now have our new Panther edition. Main pic is cut and being printed now and the ink should be dry and the poster should be available as soon as the bank and accounting stuff is finished.

Hopefully we will soon be able to offer real affordable art to everyone.