Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Long time no see

We'll I have to say I have had that old problem of when there's nowt happening there's nowt to write and then it's all happening and no time to update.
Following the passing of my great friend, teacher and inspiration Brian I thought the best way to continue all he was to me would be to show the world. Therefore whilst at his funeral I asked his son, an artist friend of his and a shopping centre if they were all up for building another popup printshop.
The popup gallery in Keighley had been a great success and I thought that Brian's presses mixed with my workings of the shop (ie type, galleys, compositing sticks etc) and artwork from his friend at Skipton museum (Helen) would be a fitting tribute to a great guy.
Everyone pulled together and I spent three days filling the fiesta with type trays and stuff I would need from the shop in Haworth and building up the project in Craven Court Skipton.
It has been a great success with people from far and wide coming in to take advantage of the machines, learning some traditional letterpress to make their own cards and invites and lino cutting with Diana from the Artistic off-license (the Keighley popup gallery) and Helen.
So much of a success that our six weeks starting August 1st is still going on and though we have to move cos our vibrant space has encouraged another shop to take on our unit we have been asked to move a couple of doors down and brighten up another empty unit.
I would love to see more folk coming in and using what we have built and I am keeping busy with the school posters which are starting to become quite popular... The more I do the interest they are getting.
So that is my quick update so you don't think I fell off the end of the world :)
Hope to see you all soon and remember it can't exist if folk don't support/use it and that would be a shame as it is such great fun.
See ya there the eh?

Friday, 26 April 2013

Saucy stuff


This week I have been quellewed (made up word) with the task of making a label for a very hot sauce. This 'Fire Water' is a chilli sauce made by Pudsey Pickles and sold in a limited run for the 'Little Heroes' charity with something special to label it up with. In come Oldfield Press.  

I actually did this twice. The first block took me the first day but at the end of it, even with  the obvious changes that need 'making I felt it could do better' (as the old school reports said).


So I didn't diss (not a made up word) the first attempt, I just started again.
I now have more small 6pt and 8pt type out that I am worried I won't get it all back in the right drawers...

Note self; get organised.            


I am glad the I spent the extra time though as I think the new label is streets ahead. Big thanks to Brian again as the blocks he has loaned me really do make the difference.


The flames, the swirls and all the rest really add to my collection and open up what we can do using the old standards.

So now to finish up and sort that missing 'i', oh and though it seems like as tongue twister to me 'Vinegar' has to go before 'Salt' ....??... I know but thats the EU for you :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

These really are 'rationed' to a limited amount....

Here in Haworth there is a 1940s' weekend every year. There is a fly over and all sorts with the Main Street slipping back in time and bringing those war time years back to life. Its full of people in army clothes from WWII and civilians join in too.


I thought I could possibly kill two birds with one stone here and pay homage to that 'time' aswell as maybe prepare for the future (what with the way things are...).


Being a letterpress shop I had to try and capture the iconic look of authority without setting it out on the computer and then making the plate. No... I went back in time myself and stood in the shoes of the printers who did for a living. I used a 36pt font for the title and went all the way to 6pt for the extra info... 
I could've done with shrinking down aswell as travelling through time. My eyes still can't focus on owt bigger than an owl.... Sorry its a dog...


The 'Ration Book'. I remember taking my Grandmas ration book to school for 'war week' along with a gas mask in a tin. I don't know where it is now but I can still see it in my head. I can also find a copy of it on the internet which was great to remind me of the kind of type that was used. We might not be that far off having this kind of thing reissued either.. (what with things the way they are).

I added to the Haworth stamp to maybe remind people of here too.. Y'know like a a postcard.
and an all occasions card...

I hope you like the reminder if it was just taking it to school with the gas mask in the tin or maybe even had one yourself and I hope that it is a true touch back to the traditional printing methods used.
Hoping to get them in up the Main Street for the 18th and 19th May weekend and don't forget to call in here at Oldfield Press if you come to see

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Valentines to Border Towns...

No update doesn't translate to not busy... Oh no, infact quite the opposite. I have been mowed out.
In February I did a series of bespoke 'Valentines' cards. Which was great practise on the presses but not the best business plan as they take so long to make.

 Start of the year I was thinking how are we going to keep going and then I did the 'Mothers Day' cards. They sold like hot cakes straight away and as there were only 25 made I thought it would be worth doing a second run and a new design. Again limited to 25 on these runs they sold out fast.
Then we got people in to use and learn on the letterpress aswell. Making their own cards in the shop and making some great use of the press.

I started and am still working on a wedding invite for a couple who are getting married in the woods in Scotland and I borrowed a wonderful tray of ornaments from my mate Brian. Full of borders and decorations. I am still finding ace small leaves, symbols and designs that fit everything from mechanic to organic. There are so many ways to mix up what is in the tray I could be here a lifetime.
I also thought that maybe I should think a bit harder about how a business has to work to survive so I am on with... I am half way through a series of generic cards that I can build up and make in bigger runs to sell through various shops...? (fingers crossed)

All this work does seem to be paying off though as it was really great to be asked to display some of my stuff in a letterpress exhibition at the, West Yorkshire Print Workshop. They took a couple of new copies of the 'Rock&Roll' record and mangle print and a selection of our stuff that we do in the way of cards etc. ...Oh and a few sets of the 'Border Towns' I have been doing. I have done 4 of them now although I was unhappy with one after setting my 11 year old lad the same challenge and seeing his 'Letterpress Island' it made my 'Border Town Hall' look a tad naff so I put his in the exhibition and he is well chuffed. If he sells any I am sure I will never hear the end of it but he did it and he should be proud eh :)

And so there we have it... I will try and keep you more up to date and hope I have time to take some more pics of what is going on.... Oh and email me for info on how to purchase my lads... Or my prints. oldfieldpress@rocketmail.com www.twitter.com/oldfieldpress and facebook...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

On your bike.... The Tour de France is coming past our printshop...

I am enjoying the painting so here is a bit more.

On your marks....

Get set......

Wait for it.........



Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Canvassing the local area.

After the Christmas rush we are now back in. It is freezing and so there aren't many folk about. I have decided to do a bit of painting. Of the two paintings I have done to this point one of them is a suprise so I can't show you that but here is the other.

I used acrylic paints. I had tried printing with some just before Christmas but they do dry too fast for the blocks really.

This is the small painting I do to get to know the face better before painting the larger one.

The paints are all quite old aswell from my case which is how I like them but I have had to buy some new yellow ochre and burnt umber.
Good stuff from Pip Seymour.

After I had completed this and the larger one I started with oil paints which is wierd...

Well, I suppose it is Valentines day just around the corner so I need to get on with some typesetting for them there bespoke cards that some lucky folk out there will be getting soon.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Update before Christmas..

Just finalising the cards. Getting the envelopes and sizes sorted. So I thought I would take some pics of the shop for your perusal :{)

Also you can see the rest of the set up with the gallery and tattoo studio here