Friday, 21 January 2011

Pressing on after the flood.

Well, we can't wade through what has happened forever so to check the presses were happy and the wooden bed we use on the press wasn't too warped by what had happened I did a new cut.
We have also been using our type and Stu photography skills for another project and will update y'all on that soon enough but for now....

The print room has been dried and swept. Cleaned and dusted.

There isn't enough room in the print room for the proofing press so for now this is done on the rehearsal room floor.

So lets get inked up and fingers crossed we will soon have some prints and it will be like the flood never happened. Try a different technique too of inking up one block in different places for different colours

The sugar paper I used soaked up alot of the ink and it was very cold so it was extremely sticky and thick. I think a warmer day might help but I can see there is no longer lasting damage.