Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Long time no see

We'll I have to say I have had that old problem of when there's nowt happening there's nowt to write and then it's all happening and no time to update.
Following the passing of my great friend, teacher and inspiration Brian I thought the best way to continue all he was to me would be to show the world. Therefore whilst at his funeral I asked his son, an artist friend of his and a shopping centre if they were all up for building another popup printshop.
The popup gallery in Keighley had been a great success and I thought that Brian's presses mixed with my workings of the shop (ie type, galleys, compositing sticks etc) and artwork from his friend at Skipton museum (Helen) would be a fitting tribute to a great guy.
Everyone pulled together and I spent three days filling the fiesta with type trays and stuff I would need from the shop in Haworth and building up the project in Craven Court Skipton.
It has been a great success with people from far and wide coming in to take advantage of the machines, learning some traditional letterpress to make their own cards and invites and lino cutting with Diana from the Artistic off-license (the Keighley popup gallery) and Helen.
So much of a success that our six weeks starting August 1st is still going on and though we have to move cos our vibrant space has encouraged another shop to take on our unit we have been asked to move a couple of doors down and brighten up another empty unit.
I would love to see more folk coming in and using what we have built and I am keeping busy with the school posters which are starting to become quite popular... The more I do the interest they are getting.
So that is my quick update so you don't think I fell off the end of the world :)
Hope to see you all soon and remember it can't exist if folk don't support/use it and that would be a shame as it is such great fun.
See ya there the eh?