Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Update before Christmas..

Just finalising the cards. Getting the envelopes and sizes sorted. So I thought I would take some pics of the shop for your perusal :{)

Also you can see the rest of the set up with the gallery and tattoo studio here

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Anymore your tickets please

Back on the adana and letterpress with some flyers for the LaikaDog gig.

Had to use some string to run these through the proofing presses.

See you there :{)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Back on the Blocks

Well after my vinyl attempt I am reverting back to form... Well, block and wanted to try out a few black animals that I could white out rather than shade in.

Sticking with Haworth I have incuded a black bull. After Branwells drinking haunt...

A crow as there are loads of them circling the church...

...Oh and a black horse...

A close up of the nags head.

The black cat... Maybe it needs a black rat to catch??

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mmmm Printeresting?

I remember the records. The getting up to change the album over and placing the needle into the groove of the track I wanted to hear..

I found a use for some of the records we have at the gallery for the ...erm...secret thing we are going to do with loads of records..

Please don't worry, though it says 'rock & Roll' on the cut no good music was damaged during the making of this print...

With the 'record press'/mangle it sort of made sense to put some old garments through its rollers for old times sake...

Just the right width for some of the old shirts I had in the rag bag... Hmmm? Interesting...

Friday, 3 August 2012

Free copy...

I have been out today putting up some prints around Haworth for folk to find, If you do find any just take the one and I will see how many I pick up again on Monday... weather permitting ...

One of the tardis that are top'n'bottom...

T'other tardis... Should two tardis be tardi?

This is what it looks like behind the scaffold.


have you ever bin ere?

Hope someone feels the free print is worth the charges :)

Starts with a 'P', ends in a 'B' and I can see 'U' in it :)
Happy hunting

Thursday, 2 August 2012


This week I have managed to get a trial run of one of the cuts for a local poster.

Haworth church. Did this with one colour and a wash block.

Overlaying the blue skies and yellow stone work blends for a nice green.

It almost looks sunny in Haworth.

Hopefully our new business cards will get folk in wanting some cool business cards and coming in to make their own.

It was great using the old spacing methods to square up the flyers.

Hope our limited run of flyers really do fly.

I wonder what tales these letters have told?

For the final shot we cut to the chase

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Monoprints tryout

The beauty of having the press set up and space to work in as that it gives time and space to experiment. I love learning new techniques but I am not a very good student so trial and error have been my two main teachers in life that I can credit with some form of 'edukacion'.

I started with an owl. I find it a wise move as I like them and I can copy my woodcut image as seen on here earlier. I like both the positive and negative image but I think I maybe over inked the glass.

Next I tried adding more colours by cleaning the glass re-inking it and then repressing.

I am still finding too much ink on the glass in places I want shade and not darkness...

Trying less ink I did this large poster sized print. My fave so far and its called 'sweaty trainers'

Next I tried inking the glass then taking a light impression just to take the top layer of ink down a bit.

I am loving this technique even though it only gives me one print I am starting to think I can do multiples by thinking about the image I am going to use the method for.

The dark lines are starting to come out dark and I am now able to shade using my finger. I am also getting a slight print/darkness/smudge from where my hand catches the paper but I really like it. The negatives aren't so great now the inking technique has evened itself out.

Now I am happy I will close the day with 'Sweaty trainers 2'. I will sleep happy tonight and dream of things I can draw and print this way tomorrow.

I also had the company of fellow Artistic Off Licensee, Johnny Morrall. Who after finishing his wonderful woodcut on the presses and then joined in the fun with a very apt little piece. 

Nice one Johnny... Oh and Andy of course.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I did it my way...

Inspired by Brian ( top printer and collector ) .

Brian has a fantastic collection of blocks as well as presses and paraphernalia. He called into the shop the other day with a couple of pointers and a lovely woodblock of a  working mill in Otley from 1962.

Anyway it inspired me to carve out a hand or two and make a few pieces to show y'all and put into my affordable art cache :)

'Who coulda ever thought that it woulda turned out this way?'

'Point to the ceiling point to the floor'

'This way'n'that'

The beauty is that now I have carved the blocks the colours are open to taste so for my final pun. This one is in green but, 'it doesn't have to be this way'.