Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pretty Slugs

The band I am in (Terrorvision) have a new album out. First in 10 years and so it has to be special. After seeing the first ideas and attempts at a cover design I thought, 'we have some wonderful Rockwell shadow which would look great on the cover.
I think cds' are alot harder to design for as when I was a kid I loved looking at the pictures on the album covers. The covers for lps' were bigger and so I think alot easier to make interesting. Now we have a small square that measures 5"x5". I suppose this is the door to open to see what is inside, the lyrics the photos and of course the music.

I made up the block and Stu came down with his super delux camera to get some close up and detailed pics. To really show the beauty of the lead slugs and the font they represented.

So once the front is photographed and dissed we have the back cover too to doooooo.
We had a slight change of font and thought with it being a rock band we should go for the heaven and 'Helvetica'. Song titles done and a quick spell check to put right 'Suicibe' (Doh!) and we are ready for the final pics to go off to Leigh (TV's bass player) to put into his computer and start the cut and paste that is photoshop ready for the artwork to be printed.

A quick spin of the pics to make sure they all read the correct way round and here we are. Terrorvision new album 'Super Delux' recorded with volume and a cover designed with passion. We can only do what we do and mean it in the hope that 'who cares wins'.

Feel free to check out the site and see the ongoing theme of print running through the modern world of the web. Oh, how the traditional makes the future look brighter.

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