Sunday, 22 July 2012

Monoprints tryout

The beauty of having the press set up and space to work in as that it gives time and space to experiment. I love learning new techniques but I am not a very good student so trial and error have been my two main teachers in life that I can credit with some form of 'edukacion'.

I started with an owl. I find it a wise move as I like them and I can copy my woodcut image as seen on here earlier. I like both the positive and negative image but I think I maybe over inked the glass.

Next I tried adding more colours by cleaning the glass re-inking it and then repressing.

I am still finding too much ink on the glass in places I want shade and not darkness...

Trying less ink I did this large poster sized print. My fave so far and its called 'sweaty trainers'

Next I tried inking the glass then taking a light impression just to take the top layer of ink down a bit.

I am loving this technique even though it only gives me one print I am starting to think I can do multiples by thinking about the image I am going to use the method for.

The dark lines are starting to come out dark and I am now able to shade using my finger. I am also getting a slight print/darkness/smudge from where my hand catches the paper but I really like it. The negatives aren't so great now the inking technique has evened itself out.

Now I am happy I will close the day with 'Sweaty trainers 2'. I will sleep happy tonight and dream of things I can draw and print this way tomorrow.

I also had the company of fellow Artistic Off Licensee, Johnny Morrall. Who after finishing his wonderful woodcut on the presses and then joined in the fun with a very apt little piece. 

Nice one Johnny... Oh and Andy of course.

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