Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Canvassing the local area.

After the Christmas rush we are now back in. It is freezing and so there aren't many folk about. I have decided to do a bit of painting. Of the two paintings I have done to this point one of them is a suprise so I can't show you that but here is the other.

I used acrylic paints. I had tried printing with some just before Christmas but they do dry too fast for the blocks really.

This is the small painting I do to get to know the face better before painting the larger one.

The paints are all quite old aswell from my case which is how I like them but I have had to buy some new yellow ochre and burnt umber.
Good stuff from Pip Seymour.

After I had completed this and the larger one I started with oil paints which is wierd...

Well, I suppose it is Valentines day just around the corner so I need to get on with some typesetting for them there bespoke cards that some lucky folk out there will be getting soon.

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