Monday, 2 February 2009

First Post

For the last year or so we have been out on the moors. Painting and photographing the surrounding areas. Hiking off in the dead of night to light up the lonely places in the way we want or trekking through the bogs and climbing up the rocks to get a feel for the colours, textures and shades for the paintings.

The paintings and photographs are a nearly all done now and are taking shape as the illustrations for the stories we want to tell or the guides we wish to show. So it seemed the natural thing to do was to find ourselves a nice little letterpress to start putting the pictures to words.

We know it would be easier to type and print off the computer and in a way, we are making life harder, chosing this route, but we want to produce art. Hands on art.

We want to be 'in touch', quite literally with the words as we are with the pictures and we definately don't want to put something else out there for the landfills of tomorrow. There are plenty of folk doing that in all walks of life so it is our ethos not to.

We have the pictures and now not one but two presses. A pair of great little Adana 8x5 letterpresses and thanks to a chance request for type, a cupboard full of lead slugs all waiting to get together in some sort of order and weave a tale or two. We have set them up in a small corridor next to a rehearsal room and there we will be freezing until the first run is done.

Should we do 50 or should we do 20?

Maybe even 100 of each as the time is in the set up.

The only way to find out is to start so here goes...

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