Thursday, 26 February 2009

Statler & Waldorf

Statler & Waldorf
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It seemed like an age before the rollers finally rocked up in the post but we were straight to the corridor where we work and cracked a can or two of lager to christen 'Statler' and 'Waldorf'. We inked up and dropped out for the next four hours whilst we tried different stuff and tried to dry what we had done.

Well so far we have managed to avoid owt' that plugs in, apart from the lights. It is like we are taking one step forward but at the same time moving two steps back and taking the future with us.

We have a computer, a sign of the times and we have found a great use for the keyboard. It works great to stand the cards in whilst they dry. What an invention, not quite the printing press but still it could be an antique of the future.

The old approach continues as we grow 'Waldorf' and 'Statler's' family.
Now we can print cards any size...well any pocket size as we bought a lovely old guillotine that can cut up to A3. A little card gullotine sits next to it on the desk.

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