Wednesday, 10 August 2011

All Exchange

I am a member f the baren forum. Type that into google (there are other search engines) and they will direct you too to this wonderful world.
I was what they refer to as a lurker for a long time. Sitting in the background reading the tips and hints and viewing the wonderful artwork they exchanged.
One day I got my emial update and noticed exchange number 49. 'Mythology'.
This was right up my street and so I scratched my head as to whether or not my artwork/prints could be worthy of joining in this exchange. It was obvious to me which legend I would choose. I love the outdoors and feel this spirit is there for all of us moorland meanderers or woodland wanderers. Yes it was the 'Green Man'. Not the pub in Undercliffe but I am sure they know they are named after this Deity of nature.
I have been waiting to post this blog since I signed u and did the prints but last week I got home and received the most fantastic package of artwork from all over the world and wonderfully collated by Sharen from the 'Baren'.
Thanks to all who joined in the exchange I am still going through the prints I received in return for mine and smiling from ear to ear.
There you go if you don't already know. You can see these and other exchanges on the forum site and here is a quick picture diary of my entry.

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