Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fair Play

Oldfield Press were excited to get a stall at the Saltaire Makers Fair last Saturday 10th September. I met up with new incoming printer for the press Tim at 8am. We loaded most of everything we had to sell except for a couple of bits I noticed on our return but all in all we had most of it.
We took a small proofing press, one of the 8x5 Adanas, a made up chase and a selection of blocks I had carved.
It was great to ink up the machines and then invite folk/kids to use them. Some kids put the key block onto the saltaire print and others made their own postcards. Hopefully to post to top art collectors who might ring us in the morning or maybe even for Grandma and Grandpa to say what a great day they had.
I hope we inspired some printers of the future.
We did well on selling the prints too which was great to cover the costs but I think it was the networking, the movin' and a shakin' that was the biggest profit of the day.
After speaking with several of the folk there we were asked if we could do courses (of course) or open day which we are more than open to.
12 hours from door to door but an inspirational day all told.
Roll on the next one of these we can do and fingers crossed for those 'this is how we do it moments;.
Onward and upward...

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