Friday, 19 April 2013

These really are 'rationed' to a limited amount....

Here in Haworth there is a 1940s' weekend every year. There is a fly over and all sorts with the Main Street slipping back in time and bringing those war time years back to life. Its full of people in army clothes from WWII and civilians join in too.


I thought I could possibly kill two birds with one stone here and pay homage to that 'time' aswell as maybe prepare for the future (what with the way things are...).


Being a letterpress shop I had to try and capture the iconic look of authority without setting it out on the computer and then making the plate. No... I went back in time myself and stood in the shoes of the printers who did for a living. I used a 36pt font for the title and went all the way to 6pt for the extra info... 
I could've done with shrinking down aswell as travelling through time. My eyes still can't focus on owt bigger than an owl.... Sorry its a dog...


The 'Ration Book'. I remember taking my Grandmas ration book to school for 'war week' along with a gas mask in a tin. I don't know where it is now but I can still see it in my head. I can also find a copy of it on the internet which was great to remind me of the kind of type that was used. We might not be that far off having this kind of thing reissued either.. (what with things the way they are).

I added to the Haworth stamp to maybe remind people of here too.. Y'know like a a postcard.
and an all occasions card...

I hope you like the reminder if it was just taking it to school with the gas mask in the tin or maybe even had one yourself and I hope that it is a true touch back to the traditional printing methods used.
Hoping to get them in up the Main Street for the 18th and 19th May weekend and don't forget to call in here at Oldfield Press if you come to see

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