Friday, 26 April 2013

Saucy stuff


This week I have been quellewed (made up word) with the task of making a label for a very hot sauce. This 'Fire Water' is a chilli sauce made by Pudsey Pickles and sold in a limited run for the 'Little Heroes' charity with something special to label it up with. In come Oldfield Press.  

I actually did this twice. The first block took me the first day but at the end of it, even with  the obvious changes that need 'making I felt it could do better' (as the old school reports said).


So I didn't diss (not a made up word) the first attempt, I just started again.
I now have more small 6pt and 8pt type out that I am worried I won't get it all back in the right drawers...

Note self; get organised.            


I am glad the I spent the extra time though as I think the new label is streets ahead. Big thanks to Brian again as the blocks he has loaned me really do make the difference.


The flames, the swirls and all the rest really add to my collection and open up what we can do using the old standards.

So now to finish up and sort that missing 'i', oh and though it seems like as tongue twister to me 'Vinegar' has to go before 'Salt' ....??... I know but thats the EU for you :)

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  1. They are on fire Tony!! Beautiful work. Flaming lush in fact.