Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Valentines to Border Towns...

No update doesn't translate to not busy... Oh no, infact quite the opposite. I have been mowed out.
In February I did a series of bespoke 'Valentines' cards. Which was great practise on the presses but not the best business plan as they take so long to make.

 Start of the year I was thinking how are we going to keep going and then I did the 'Mothers Day' cards. They sold like hot cakes straight away and as there were only 25 made I thought it would be worth doing a second run and a new design. Again limited to 25 on these runs they sold out fast.
Then we got people in to use and learn on the letterpress aswell. Making their own cards in the shop and making some great use of the press.

I started and am still working on a wedding invite for a couple who are getting married in the woods in Scotland and I borrowed a wonderful tray of ornaments from my mate Brian. Full of borders and decorations. I am still finding ace small leaves, symbols and designs that fit everything from mechanic to organic. There are so many ways to mix up what is in the tray I could be here a lifetime.
I also thought that maybe I should think a bit harder about how a business has to work to survive so I am on with... I am half way through a series of generic cards that I can build up and make in bigger runs to sell through various shops...? (fingers crossed)

All this work does seem to be paying off though as it was really great to be asked to display some of my stuff in a letterpress exhibition at the, West Yorkshire Print Workshop. They took a couple of new copies of the 'Rock&Roll' record and mangle print and a selection of our stuff that we do in the way of cards etc. ...Oh and a few sets of the 'Border Towns' I have been doing. I have done 4 of them now although I was unhappy with one after setting my 11 year old lad the same challenge and seeing his 'Letterpress Island' it made my 'Border Town Hall' look a tad naff so I put his in the exhibition and he is well chuffed. If he sells any I am sure I will never hear the end of it but he did it and he should be proud eh :)

And so there we have it... I will try and keep you more up to date and hope I have time to take some more pics of what is going on.... Oh and email me for info on how to purchase my lads... Or my prints. oldfieldpress@rocketmail.com www.twitter.com/oldfieldpress and facebook...

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